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Franklin, TN 37064

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How to Get Started:

  • 1) Contact me:

Call or email to set up an appointment and to determine what services might best suit your needs and goals. Once you make an appointment, you will receive a link via email to a questionnaire regarding health history and specific goals. 

  • 2) Session length:

Sessions can range in length from 30-90 minutes and will depend on the type of service. Most MAT sessions are an hour in length unless you request for longer.

  • 3) How often:

This will vary based on individual needs and goals.  With personal training, most people see the best results coming  2-3 times per week. Some clients doing 30-minute Isophit sessions may opt to come more frequently to optimize results, but in the end will be based upon what your goals and needs are.

  • 4) Investment:

You are basically paying for my time, regardless of the modality used.  It doesn't make sense to charge differently since in one session we could use 3 different modalities.  My rates are $120 per hour and $65 for half hour sessions.  I also offer package rates that offer a slight price break, and I offer 90-minute sessions as well as duo training.


**I offer discounts to first responders or military personnel.