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Strategic Personal Training 

Finding time to exercise isn't always easy, but don't you want that time spent to give you the results you are seeking? Most people end up quitting because exercise exceeds the tolerance levels their bodies can handle and sometimes ending with injury.  Resistance exercise is the most effective way to ensure that your entire body is operating at the highest level. The human body is complicated and just going through the motions of exercise or thrashing your body won't cut it. Exercise should be a process that promotes health and strength and is sustainable for life. Strategic training focuses on strengthening the internal components of your body to ensure joint integrity, and every movement is built just for your body to improve  performance and tolerance levels. Exercise begins from the inside, and the forces involved with exercise are invasive and can have long-lasting effects on underlying tissues and structures.  How well your body will tolerate and deal with these stresses will greatly depend on the internal foundation you lay down for your body. A great analogy to this is to consider the force from winds that homes must withstand during a severe storm.  













Many people think getting fit is about motivation or pushing one's body past its limits.  Many exercise professionals may prescribe and bias exercises with ones they like, but are wrong for your body. A trainer should be more than a coach that provides motivation. A trainer should be a professional that is skilled in applying forces and understanding the risks and benefits from the applications of each and every force to the internal structures in one's body and the potential impact it might have: good or bad.  In a perfect world, a workout should be challenging and results-oriented while also tailored to the individual by considering their structure anatomically, tolerance levels of their joints, and their internal force generating capabilities. This inside-out approach to fitness will ensure that you get stronger and can efficiently and safely achieve any goal. 



The Process:


We need to figure out where you currently are, and where you want to be.   An initial assessment will help in  determining that, and  considers factors such as age, current abilities, limitations, tolerance levels, goals, available range of motion,  and more. Assessments don't just happen at the first session, but at every single workout, with every exercise, and every repetition, and will tell me how much we can challenge the body without beating the crap out of you in the process.  As your body changes, the plan will change and possibly your goals.  Change takes time and exercise is a progressive long-term investment in your health. 



Your training will be designed with exercises that minimize risks and maximize benefits, as the health of your muscles and joints is vital. We want exercises that will pay "dividends", so to speak, in the long-run: contraction focused training. I like using a variety of tools to build a stronger structure (free weights, machines, isometrics, suspension training, pilates, etc.), and also ask your preferences. This will allow me to manipulate all the variables needed for maximum effectiveness, while keeping costs on the body low.  I also continually look for weak links and compensations in the body that need to be addressed  in order to create a truly custom fit exercise experience. 



This includes recovery from workouts as well as monitoring for underlying weaknesses or muscle inhibitions. You want to provide an environment of healing and well-being to your body, and also patrol for potential issues, as this is essential to anyone's exercise regime and long-term health.  Exercise doesn't make you stronger; proper recovery does.  ATR Internal Performance can help with this process by utilizing such tools as  MAT®  and our Isophit equipment that will aid in the building of strength and endurance in the muscles at varying degrees in a manner that is extremely safe and effective. 

" A workout is only as good as the QUALITY OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL REP"  

-Tom Purvis

"Exercise is a slow process, but quitting won't speed it up"