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Pilates Reformer Training 

ATR offers one-on-one pilates reformer training, as well as duo training for those wishing to train with a friend or family member. The reformer is just one of many strengthening tools I like to use to keep workouts appropriate and challenging.  I do not teach traditional pilates reformer workouts, as I believe that the reformer is just like any other piece of resistance equipment and should be used as another tool in the toolbox.  I have over 15 years' experience in teaching pilates reformer and certified from several organizations such as: Lagree Method, IMX Pilates, and PHI Pilates. I don't adhere to any one organization's methodologies, as I feel like a lot can be learned from everyone. I don't ever make one workout the same as another, and like to keep workouts challenging and ever-changing, depending on what the client needs on a given day to optimize results.  


Pilates reformer workouts can be an extremely challenging and versatile workout for almost anyone, and can be appropriate for any fitness level from athletes to those rehabilitating from injury. It can also be a great cross-training alternative or lower-impact exercise option, as it is always a good idea to vary your workouts (rotate your tires so to speak).  The pilates reformer workout can be a very demanding workout, and don't be deceived by the fact that you might be laying down!  The ATR studio in Franklin, TN has two pilates reformers with various accessories for additional workout options (jump board, cardio tramp, box, ring, etc.), as well as a Split Pedal Combo Pilates chair.