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  Body Architecture Methodology...

Exercise can have a huge impact on your health. Many people assume that all exercise is healthy, and don't consider that how and what you do (the "Just Do It" approach) matters. However, every exercise has both potential benefits as well as costs. Overtraining or not progressing the body appropriately can potentially decrease the longevity, performance and the functioning of your joints and body. It does matter how you load your joints and making decisions based on what your body is designed to do. No one thinks about their joint health until after there is a problem or they are broken. There are natural declines in joint health that comes with age and use, but we can prevent a huge part of that by improving and maintaining the function of our "internal components" via the muscular system.  

Maintaining healthy joints is the most important thing you can do.  If you can participate in life for the long haul, you want exercise that creates a structurally sound body. There is a difference between training that is appropriately challenging and individualized in terms of mechanical, neurological, tissue and immune system progression vs. generalized exercise to "break a sweat" or burn calories.  Exercising to burn calories is like working minimum wage and will not allow you to come out ahead. Exercise is a process of continual investigation: looking at strategic variations,  available ranges of motion, level of control, mechanical forces, planes of motion and more. If done and progressed appropriately, you can get the body strong enough to do almost anything.


Applying too much force too soon, or exceeding one's tolerance levels, will result in the eventual breakdown of their body. The forces placed on the body during exercise are quite invasive and will impact your internal structures. Just as you would value the skills required by a doctor when using a scalpel during surgery, you should equally value the skills necessary to apply forces to the body via exercise. The potential damage can be the same. Truly individualizing a workout encompasses a deep understanding of body mechanics, joint tolerances, and all the numerous details involved in force application. My goal is to provide a professional exercise experience for people seeking a safer, more effective approach. I want you to enjoy exercise AND see great results! Exercise shouldn't hurt you or make you feel worse afterwards.  


Exercise is all about forces and how you apply them to the body and your intentions!

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