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Isophit allows you to exercise without pain, prepare for better movement, and achieve amazing results.

The ISOPHIT system is an innovative and carefully researched exercise system that works more than 650 muscles quickly. It is the most versatile isometric strength training system ever developed, and designed specifically for health, fitness rehabilitation, and sports performance clients who want to look, feel and function better.  The patented ISOPHIT Strength Trainer enables the simple and safe application of an unlimited number of isometric exercises to target every joint angle and muscle length combination in the body.  

Until now, this system was only available to professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, and elite training facilities.  Body Architecture Fitness is the only facility in Tennessee that has this elite piece of training equipment. ISOPHIT can be used to build strength, burn fat, improve bone density, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle and joint pain, correct muscle imbalances, develop your cardiovascular system, or enhance athletic performance.  It has been proven to work in ways that other workouts simply don't. One 30-minute ISOPHIT workout is the equivalent to 3 hours of traditional dynamic exercise, according to more than 100 medical journals.   

How does it work?  

ISOPHIT is based on isometric training where you contract your muscles without moving your joints.  The ISOHPIT's patented Force-Matching Technology® responds to the effort you put in and challenges you in an effective way.

Why is it important?

Most people unknowingly have a certain amount of muscular imbalances or joint instabilities in their body caused by any number of reasons (age, daily stress, injuries, activities, etc. ) and have never been taught how to identify or address these areas of dysfunction.  If engaging in dynamic exercise or sports competition without correcting these imbalances, they will accelerate the rate of degenerative joint dysfunction, increase muscle and joint pain, impair athletic performance, and put you at greater risk of serious injury.  

How can this help athletes?

If you are also a high performance athlete, the sport itself is hard enough on your joints and body.  If you are trying to increase your performance levels and enjoy longevity in your sport, why strengthen the body in a way that will accelerate degeneration in the joints or increase your risks that may shorten the time in your sport.  Doesn't it make sense to strengthen your body in a way where you know exactly  what you are strengthening, and the risks and inflammation are next to zero?  Why do 1000's of reps in the gym trying to strengthen certain muscle groups, which can greatly add to risk of joint breakdown and repetitive stress injuries, and you could possibly be compensating with other muscles? Isophit takes out the guesswork, and you know you are strengthening exactly what you need and can target it at every possible joint angle imaginable! It just makes sense.

How can this help you?

ISOPHIT amplifies the scientifically proven benefits of isometric exercise to accelerate fat loss and enhance muscle tone faster and more effectively than dynamic exercise.  ISOHPIT accelerates recovery, reduces the risk of injuries, and optimizes physical performance.  Regardless of your objectives, ISOPHIT can enable you to enhance your quality of life, set new personal records, and gain the competitive advantage both on and off the field.  ISOPHIT defies logic and generates the fastest workout results.  


Before and After: 10 total hours of  Isophit  training only


The Isophit MSK allows you to train anywhere!

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