Pilates Reformer Training

Body Architecture Fitness offers one-on-one pilates reformer training, as well as duo sessions for those wishing to train with a friend. The pilates reformer is one of many resistance training options offered at the studio. I do not teach old school "classical" pilates. I do use the reformer like any other piece of resistance training equipment, and utilize it depending on the client, their goals, and what they can and cannot do. How you apply forces to the body matters, and exercises should be tailored to the needs and goals of the individual. I have over 17 years' experience teaching pilates reformer, and certified and trained in multiple methodologies ( Lagree Method, Peak Pilates, Stott Pilates, IMX Pilates, Balanced Body, and PHI Pilates). I ensure that exercises follow the engineering and available ranges of motion a client has on any given day.  I like to keep workouts challenging, fun and ever-changing, as I feel it's important to ENJOY your exercise.  

Pilates reformer workouts are versatile and suitable for almost anyone. They are also appropriate for almost any fitness level: from athletes to those rehabilitating from injuries. Pilates can be a great cross-training alternative and low-impact exercise option. The Body Architecture studio in Downtown Franklin has two pilates reformers with various accessories for additional workout options (jump board, cardio tramp, box, ring, etc.). Additionally the studio has a Balanced Body Pilates chair. Pilates is a workout alternative that can be continued for life. 

"Nothing has helped keep my aches and pains away like the combination of pilates and MAT.  I also like the warm environment that Heather has created"  

-Amy M.