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 Personal Training

Exercises must be designed for your unique body and needs, intelligently applied and progressed.

Finding time to exercise isn't always easy, but don't you want the time you do spend to give you amazing results? Most people quit exercising when it exceeds their body's tolerance levels and often results in injury.  The human body is complicated and going through the motions of exercises or thrashing your body won't cut it. Exercise should be a thoughtful process that promotes health and done in a way that is sustainable throughout life.  It is critical how you load the body, as forces involved with exercise are invasive and can have long-lasting effects on underlying tissues and structures.  How well your body will tolerate and deal with these stresses will greatly depend on the internal foundation you lay down for your body. A great analogy is to consider the forces from winds that homes must withstand during severe storms.  













Many people think a personal trainer should motivate them or push their body past its limits.  Anyone can be a motivator, and honestly it is more important what you do when you aren't motivated. A trainer should be a professional that is highly skilled in applying forces (mechanics) and knowledgeable of the risks and benefits in the applications of each and every force to the body and the potential impact it might have: good or bad.  In a perfect world, a workout should be challenging and results-oriented while also tailored to the individual by considering their unique anatomical structure, tolerance levels of their joints, and their internal force generating capabilities. This inside-out approach to fitness ensures that you get stronger and can efficiently and safely achieve any goal.  Total body resistance training in a balanced way. 

The Process:

  • Assessment(s)

This give us an understanding of the current state of your physiology (what is not working the way it should). We address these issues so that we can progress and transition to exercise safely.  Assessments don't just happen at the first session, but at every single workout, every exercise, and every repetition. Looking at individual mechanics of a client allows me to assess their ability to tolerate stress, how much we can challenge the body without beating the crap out of you in the process. What you cannot do is what is breaking you down. Your road map will be determined on your body's current state and limitations found.  

  • Training

Your training will be designed with exercises that minimize risks and maximize benefits, as the health of your muscles and joints is vital. We want exercises that will pay "dividends", so to speak, in the long-run. I like using a variety of training tools, as this will allow me to manipulate all the variables needed for maximum effectiveness, while keeping costs on the body low. Weak links and compensations in the body need to be accounted for in order to create a truly custom fit exercise experience. Exercise should make you feel good.  When muscles are working efficiently, you will have more motion and more strength capabilities.  You don't want to be functioning at a small fraction of what you have lying dormant inside.  When training is safe and efficient, you will achieve amazing results without the unreal time commitment that often derails most aspiring fitness endeavors. 

  • Restorative/ Maintenance

If you are never allowed to heal, the body will not get stronger.  Most people are not getting the benefits from exercise because they are in a constant catabolic state and breaking themselves down.  Too much stress breaks the body down and impairs the ability of muscles to contract.  Adequate recovery is like fine tuning "our car" so we can drive it anywhere. Stressors to the body can be in the form of chemical, mental, physical & mechanical. The body doesn't differentiate between stress and treats it as the same. Exercise isn't what makes you stronger, proper recovery does.  If your muscles aren't working optimally, it will hinder your ability to see progress. Things like tightness and pain are symptoms that the body's tolerance levels have been exceeded.  If you ignore the body's "check engine light", bigger problems are going to occur.  We address the source, not the symptoms, in order to improve your ability to function.

Personal Training Nashville

Fitness is not a finish line or a program; it is a lifelong process!

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