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Red Light Therapy 

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Red light therapy is also known as Photobiomodulation, which is the modulation of biology through light.  Our bodies are designed to accept and utilize light. Light is a nutrient that is essential to our body.  There have been over 5,000 studies showing Red and Near Infrared Light (NIR) have profound effects and the potential to affect many systems in the body. Red and NIR have the unique ability to penetrate inches beneath our skin to interact with our cells to drive these benefits.  We need light to heal and produce more energy.  Light is as important to our body as is nutrition, as. light diet is just as critical as our food diet.  

Why Red Light?  We don't get as much natural light exposure on a regular basis, and is a vital part of how we are meant to function.  We are exposed to so much indoor blue light and most people are not getting anywhere near what is considered adequate sun exposure on a daily basis.  Since we aren't getting adequate amounts, we need to supplement.  

How does Red and NIR light work? Photons of light penetrated into our cells into our mitochondria  and act on these photon receptors (cytochrome c-oxidase).  It drives the mitochondria to produce more energy. Cells will work better if the mitochondria is producing energy more efficiently.  Oxygen is needed in this process.  Stressors in life can cause too much accumulation of nitric oxide. This nitric oxide can plug up the same spot that oxygen needs to get into. These wavelengths of light tend to kick out nitric oxide so oxygen can get into the cell.  

Benefits of Red and NIR light:

  • Promotes healing

  • Anti-aging effects in the skin

  • Lowering inflammation

  • Enhancing fat loss

  • Increasing energy

  • Enhancing physical performance and muscle recovery

  • Protecting cells against damage from stress

  • Hair growth

  • Relieves pain from arthritis and carpal tunnel

  • Helping prevent cognitive decline; improves cognitive performance

  • Treats lines, wrinkles, and sunspots

  • Softens scar tissue formation/appearance

  • enhancing stem cell implantation and proliferation

  • Boosting testosterone

  • Decreases cellulite

  • Decreases SAD

  • Helps with rheumatoid arthritis

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