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Testimonials and Success Stories...

"I was overweight and in terrible shape after trying 5 large cases back to back over an 18-month period and started training with Heather in order to lose weight and gain some strength and endurance.  I have worked out with her pretty consistently for the last 14 years. The discipline of her work-out routine helped me lose the extra weight as well as build the strength and endurance that allowed me to enjoy life and continue a rigorous professional life as a trial lawyer into my 60s. Heather has a great understanding of what exercises were best suited for my body and would achieve the best results"

-Irv Terrell


FAQs about Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT®)

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MAT is for everyone so you can...get faster, stronger, healthier, pain-free, & better!



  What are signs of muscle inhibition?

  • Movements that are painful

  • Irritating or injuring the tissue easily

  • Feeling weak or imbalanced 

  • Irregular tightness

  • One side of your body moves differently than the other

  • Hard time "feeling" the exercise

  • Decreased performance

  What are some benefits seen with Muscle Activation Techniques?

  • Can alleviate pain and discomfort

  • Lower the risk of injury

  • Restore joint alignment and function

  • Can assist athletes' recovery time from competitive stress quickly and help prevent future injuries

  • Prepares the body to be more efficient in training and athletic performance

  • Improve coordination, flexibility, and mobility

  • Find potential problems before they become problems

​  Is MAT® really a form of exercise?

Yes it is.  MAT® is a precise and focused exercise process that can be used as an adjunct to any number of other exercise processes. MAT® can help an individual prepare for exercise, help someone sustain an exercise program and support rehabilitation for certain conditions when deemed appropriate by medical providers.

  Can Muscle Activation Techniques help my pain? 

MAT® does not directly address pain, as it is not a pain modality.  You should address your pain problems with a licensed professional.  This is not physical therapy, massage, or chiropractic work.  Consider MAT® a strength modality that is working to improve your weak links. Sometimes after weak tissues get stronger, it can alleviate pain symptoms.  So it might indirectly affect pain, but is definitely not a quick fix. 

  How long will this take?

MAT® is a PROCESS, just like most everything else in life we do.  It depends on the status of your system and how much you are willing to commit to the process.  You can't take away years of continued abuse to your body in a couple of sessions.  The more severe the  abuse on your body, the longer it might take. As you go through the process, you will start to learn how to pay more attention to your body and its signals that something is wrong and you will start to know how hard you can push your body and when to back off.  You don't have to do MAT®, but if you want to function optimally,  it is a great tool to incorporate into  your regular fitness regime to optimize your results. You can take it as far as you want to go.  



  Who is MAT® for? 

MAT® is really for anyone: Someone who has tried exercising but every time they do, they get injured or have pain symptoms. Someone who wants to exercise but does not know where to start, and would rather have professional guidance based off knowing that the body is in a balanced state before adding stress from exercise. Athletes wanting to keep their body strong and "tuned up" to optimize performance.  Someone  who has been in chronic pain and has tried every possible modality (which is recommended first) with no progress or relief.  Someone who wants to make sure their workouts are not hindering them and want to ensure they are addressing their weak links.  MAT® allows you to know if your body is handling exercise correctly or is it potentially going to cause problems. Your body is the one with the answers and will tell us when it is ready to move forward. 


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