How to Get Started...

  • Get in contact with me...

Call or email to set up an appointment and to determine what services might best suit your needs and goals. Once you make an appointment, you will receive a link via email to a questionnaire regarding health history and specific goals. 

  • What is the length of the sessions?

Sessions can range in length from 30-90 minutes and depend on the type of service. Most MAT sessions are an hour in length unless you request for longer. I usually spend more time with a client in the first session, as I need time to assess the current state of your physiology in order to determine the roadmap.

  •  How often should you come to see results?

This will vary based on your individual needs and goals.  With personal training, most people see the best results training at least 2-3 times per week. Some clients doing 40-minute Isophit sessions may opt to come more frequently to optimize results, but in the end you can decide what is best for you schedule wise and goal wise.  Getting and maintaining fitness is a life-long process, but an investment in your health forever. 

  • What are the pricing options?

Call for pricing options.  I offer per session pricing and package rates depending on the service and length of session.  I also offer pricing for those wishing to train with a friend.  *discounts to anyone in the military or first responders.

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142 5th Ave. N. #D

Franklin, TN 37064

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