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The benefits of Muscle Activation Techniques.

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The primary benefit of Muscle Activation Techniques (or MAT®) is its ability to assess, prepare, and improve an individual's ability to produce efficient muscle contraction (the ability to contract on demand). Loss of muscle contraction results in decreased range of motion and decreased performance output.

We want to improve the ability of our body to tolerate stress, and stop the downward spiral we usually relate with aging. Exercise is a form of stress, and failure of the muscular system is more likely the real problem with most people. When the muscle system fails, then the passive structures, such as tendons and ligaments start to take the stress. MAT allows us to look at the individual mechanics of a person and assess their ability to tolerate stresses. People tend to focus on the things they can do, but we really should pay attention to the things that we cannot do. "What you can't do" is what is probably breaking your body down. Our body's way of communicating to us something is wrong is through tightness or pain. Pain is the nervous system telling you that it can't tolerate something. Tightness is also the body's purposeful way of protecting us from moving in ranges that it cannot control or stabilize. Muscles have the contractile ability to stabilize our joints, and without this stability you are left vulnerable to injuries.

MAT recognizes that tightness is always secondary to muscle weakness.

MAT is a tool that can help people who are looking to improve their sports performance, their fitness level, or just their ability to function. This tool fills a void that has been missing in the fitness industry. Most people are not getting the full benefits from exercise because they are in a constant catabolic state that is breaking their bodies down. If your body is never allowed to heal, it won't get stronger. If you take away the over-stress on the body, it will be in a better environment in which to heal.

Some benefits of MAT:

  • Provide an environment for the body to heal.

  • Increases or maintains the body's tolerance to specific forces

  • Prepare the body to be more efficient in training and athletic performance

  • Help athletes recover from competitive stress quickly and help prevent future injuries

  • Improve stability in your joints by reactivating muscles and their ability to contract on demand.

  • Uses an objective checks and balance system that allows the ability to test and assess whether there is appropriate input and muscle contraction through a range.

  • Can find potential problems in the body before they become problems.

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